Matt Susin is an educator, businessman and a loving husband and father of five children, who is very involved in education in Brevard County. He is a former high school history teacher who dedicated his career to providing the best instruction and opportunities to his students. 


Matt is now a successful local businessman, but he continues to support students through his work with various public service groups. In addition, he is serving as an elected board member for the Brevard County School Board representing district 4. Currently he holds the position of Chairman for said board.

Through his passion for service coupled with his private business partnership connections, Matt has championed a trade school program for manufacturing and many other trades in Brevard.

Connecting local manufacturers with county schools to strengthen a career-ready workforce in Brevard County was a major priority for him. This not only helped local businesses but also provided many attainable career paths for students. Brevard now has the top Career and Technical programs in the state of Florida, with Matt at the helm.

In recent years, Matt has led the way to stand up for children and parental rights. He has also strongly advocated to close the wage gap for bus drivers and other school staff as well as to tackle the discipline issues that our schools are facing.