I will continue to strive to create safe and secure learning environments for students. I will continue to address concerns about bullying, implement effective safety measures, and support policies that ensure the well-being and mental health of students.

I will continue to prioritize mental health support and intervention in schools. I will advocate for increased access to trained counselors who can identify and address mental health issues early on, creating a supportive environment for students.  

I will advocate to strengthen collaboration with law enforcement and community organizations. Together we can foster a safe and secure environment. Support programs that involve school resource officers and partnerships with local organizations focused on violence prevention, human trafficking awareness and youth outreach.

Safe transportation measures: I will advocate for the implementation of safety measures in student transportation, such as seat belt usage, driver training, and monitoring systems. Ensure that buses and other vehicles used for transporting students adhere to safety regulations and protocols.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs are designed to meet the demands of the job market by aligning curriculum with industry needs. They provide students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in high-demand fields and bridge the skills gap.

CTE programs collaborate closely with local businesses, industries, and community organizations.

These partnerships provide students with internships, apprenticeships, and mentoring opportunities, ensuring that their education is relevant, up-to-date, and aligned with industry expectations.

CTE programs not only prepare students for immediate employment but also lay a solid foundation for further education. They offer a seamless. transition to post-secondary education, allowing students to pursue advanced degrees or certifications in their chosen fields.

CTE programs often appeal to students who may not. thrive in a traditional classroom setting. By providing hands-on learning experiences and connecting education to their career aspirations, CTE increases student engagement, motivation, and overall academic success.

I want to foster a collaboration for student success: the importance of building strong partnerships between schools and parents to ensure the success of every student. I will continue to advocate for an environment where parents are actively engaged in their child’s learning journey.

I will strengthen efforts to improve communication channels between the schools and parents. Our newly created School Board Refresh provides regular updates, clear and accessible information, and responsive communication for those unable to attend School Board Meetings.

I want to continue to increase the involvement of parents in the decision-making processes of the school board. Your participation in committees, task forces, and community forums, allow you to contribute your perspectives, insights, and expertise to shape policies and initiatives.

Strong parent-teacher collaboration benefits students by fostering a supportive and cohesive educational experience.